Starting the Day Right

I love smoothies. Anytime I can get a McDonald’s pineapple mango smoothie, I’ll take it! But if you stop and think about all the sugar in one of those smoothies, you would gain 10 pounds just think about it. After my cancer, I decided to revamp my smoothie recipe and make it healthier and full of anti-cancer ingredients. In the year, it has even developed into an osteoporosis fighting drink as well. It has been quite an experiment; some good, some horrible!

All my life I had problems with regularity. I don’t know any young kid who liked drinking prune juice like I did.  Then, in 2015 BC (before cancer), after a series of tests that came back fine, I decided to start drinking a smoothie every morning to get a serving of fruit in my diet that I was lacking.  Back then, I wasn’t worry about sugar content, the more sugar the better. I bought a big bag of frozen mix fruit consisting of peaches, pineapples, strawberries, and mangoes, add a serving of Activa yogurt, some V8 Tropical Blend juice. Boy, was that good! For months it was my liquid breakfast.  Until cancer reared its ugly head and I took a hiatus.

About a year after my cancer, is when I started to adjust my way of living. I needed to get back to getting the fruit in my diet and regularity but cut out the sugar since it is believed that cancer feeds on sugar. The thing to go was the V8 juice. I switched to just water. Not bad, still doable. Then went the yogurt. I tried to find a yogurt free of sugar and with no sugar substitutes. Other than plain yogurt, there was nothing. Plain yogurt, fruit, and water… not that tasty of a combination.

Then one day, on TV I saw Dr. Kristi Funk on the Doctors and she was making her anti-cancer smoothie. Eureka! I was going to give it a shot. Some of the ingredients were unusual and not something you would find at your neighborhood grocery store. Here is the recipe if you want to check it out: I wasn’t a fan of almond milk or dates and I never heard of powdered indian gooseberries. Some of the ingredients like dates can be expensive so, I put my own spin on it. After a lot of trial and error and an adjustment of measurements of ingredients, this is what I mix today:

  • ½ banana
  • ¼ cup of blueberries, frozen
  • ¼ cup of sliced strawberries, frozen
  • Approx. 1/8 teaspoon of organic turmeric
  • Approx. 1/8 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of organic flaxseed oil
  • 2 small cubes of aloe vera inner filet (not juice)
  • Approx. 1/8 teaspoon of green macha tea powder
  • Approx 1/8 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon
  • ¼ cup spinach
  • Fill with water to top of ingredients level

I measure out all the fruits and the aloe vera and put a serving in a freezer bag and make enough servings for about two weeks. In the morning I thaw out the fruit in the microwave for about 55 seconds then all the other ingredients and blend. I really don’t measure out the powder ingredients like the turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper. I just sort of eyeball it. Sometimes it comes out good, sometimes too much turmeric (yuk) or too much green tea isn’t tasty either.

Because of taking Anastrozole, my bone density is an issue. I am trying to prevent having to take yet another medicine with terrible side effects so I consulted with a local acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and he recommended adding the following to my diet: MSM, coral calcium, diatomaceous earth (silica), and Chinese herbs Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan. So, I add a heaping teaspoon of the diatomaceous earth (silica) to my smoothie. Is that quite the concoction??

Sometimes I add other fruits like apples, peaches, or a new seasonal favorite of my

Breakfast of Champions: Smoothie, Apple Pecan Oatmeal Muffin, and a glass of water

ground cherries (dwarf cape gooseberries). Any fruit in season will work. But a ¼ cup of berries is essential and should not be replaced.  Sometimes I add a little vanilla or a squirt of honey.  One thing that is important though, Dr. Funk recommends drinking it through a straw (I use a stainless-steel straw… plastic is a no no!) and follow the smoothie by drinking and swishing with water so the acid in the berries don’t hurt your tooth enamel. Here is the link for the pdf of the recipe and additional information:

I’m not going to lie and say it tastes like those awesome smoothies from Dairy Queen or McDonald’s. It really doesn’t have much of a flavor because there is no added sugar to it; just the natural sugar from the fruit. But, it isn’t horrible either. It took me a while to get used to the flavor since I was a sugar addict (and still am at times). I’m used to it now and just consider it my medicinal breakfast. So, give this recipe a try, kick cancer’s butt, and let me know your thoughts!



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